Your security matters

At Nekster, we’re committed to security – both of the listed investments and of your funds, data, and account. With the most advanced digital security mechanisms, we guarantee a safe and enjoyable Nekster experience.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

For safe registration, funds withdrawal and other functions of your Nekster account, you should implement two-factor authentication that proves you authorize said actions.

Two-factor authentication acts as an additional security layer to your account, as it disables potential fraudsters from accessing the core account functions.

Constant fraud control

Your security does not end once you enter the platform. Since we are aware of potential threats of data breach and identity fraud, we’ve implemented a highly sophisticated system for recognizing and preventing such abuse.

State-of-the-art automated systems and analytics of advanced control solutions help us find suspicious activities based on a range of metrics, such as location, size, and frequency of a transaction. As soon as we find something questionable, we interrupt and disable the suspicious activity.

256-bit encryption

Your data is never on its own. We’ve protected it with an advanced encryption method which is normally used by banks and intelligence agencies to protect highly sensitive information.

256-bit encryption (AES-256 Advanced Encryption Standard) is recognized as the optimal and most secure method of data protection. Since your data is just as valuable as your funds, we’ve provided data security at the highest level.

Secure encrypted multi-location back-up

Even in situations that could jeopardize the platform operations and its users’ experience, we’ve ensured that the platform functions in an uninterrupted manner.

We’ve achieved this with a secure encrypted multi-locations (local, offsite, online, and cloud) data back-up system. This way, we can access the platform from multiple channels, and at the same time, protect it from being dependent on a single location, to ensure independent and smooth performance of all the functions we provide to our users.