Simple to use with no hidden fees

We believe that financial and investment products should be available to anyone. With this in mind, we’ve perfected the user experience and created a simple yet exciting product.

Hitra registracija

Registration of a Nekster account is easy and it only takes a few minutes. From here, a single step leads you to passive monthly income – a deposit of funds.

Once you deposit your funds on your Nekster investor account, you can start investing in listed loans, simply and fast:

  1. Choose the investment you prefer based on the interest rate and investment maturity.
  2. Click the “Invest” button.
  3. Enter the amount of your investment.

That’s it. Your funds will be automatically transferred from your Nekster account to the chosen investment which you can monitor anywhere and anytime.

After you reach the planned yields, you can finish the investment and withdraw enriched funds to your personal bank account. If you prefer going long-term, you can keep reinvesting your funds and grow them further.

Nizek osnovni polog

You can deposit your funds on the Nekster investor account only from your personal bank account.

To start with, you can test the platform with the minimum deposit of EUR 10 and see how the platform works for you. Please note that your bank could charge a commission for processing the deposit which is out of Nekster’s hands.

Brezplačna uporaba in brez skritih stroškov

Nekster does not charge any fees nor compensation for the use of the platform. Before we list an investment, we deduce it by the cost of insurance and operations. Therefore, what investors see as a listed investment is what investors get, along with the exact same interest rate.

Nekster does not charge:

  • Entry fees (registration, the opening of an account, and deposit of funds are free)
  • Management fees (management of your account is in your hands)
  • Closure fees (withdrawal of funds and closure of the account are free)
  • Time-based fees (Nekster accounts are not time-bound are do not incur duration-based costs)

And we plan to keep it this way. Register your free Nekster account

Hiter in enostaven dvig

We give control over your funds to your hands. Unlike classical investment schemes, the conditions and costs of withdrawal are not related to the duration of the investment.

You can withdraw your Nekster funds quickly and easily, in just one step and anytime. This way, you can manage your funds on your terms.