Our values, our team, our company

Eyes on the goal of excellence.

With the mission to enable a secure and profitable investment product, we’ve created a unique platform. It provides everyone an opportunity to invest directly into insured loans issued by our subsidiaries.

Nekster investor platform, however, is just the beginning. By offering insured and innovative financial products with guaranteed yields, we aim to grow Nekster into the largest commercial lender of insured loans on the EU level.

Soon, we will start providing new investment products in the form of insured loans, such as factoring, leasing, and other forms of financing. Each of them will be insured with a BuyBack guarantee, to provide the optimal experience to every user.

The Nekster Team

Nejc Apšner
Entrepreneur and financial expert with rich experience in the fintech field. He sees entrepreneurship both as a job and as pleasure.
Aleksander Zečević
Entrepreneur and financial expert with clear goals and a belief that good business relationships and long-term partnerships are key to success.
Jure Čonč
Experienced entrepreneur that puts clients’ needs first and believes that excellent recommendations should be earned.
Meta Škof
Head of bureau and expert in the fields of financial audit and planning, project management and work process optimization.
Kajetan Kovač
Electro-technical engineer with a decade-long experience in the fintech industry who leads and controls the development of credit assessment systems and advanced mobile bank services.
Patricija Orešnik
Head of accounting and booking with a strong feeling for controlling and analytics of our business processes.

Would you like to contribute your knowledge and experience to the development of the most advanced crowd-investment platform in the EU?

Let us know why you feel you’re the right fit for the Nekster team and send us your CV to [email protected].

Foundations of Nekster


Our goal is to prove that investing can be safe, easy and profitable. And we’ve been proving it for the third year in a row. Nekster provides a unique opportunity to invest directly into insured loans, issued by our subsidiaries.


The Nekster investment platform is just the beginning. Convinced that our joint success depends on the security and satisfaction of investors, we strive to become the largest provider of insured loans in Europe.


Soon, Nekster will start expanding its portfolio and provide new investment products in the form of insured loans, such as factoring, leasing, and others. All the listed investments are secured with insurance and additional safety mechanisms that make Nekster the safest platform of its kind.