Above-average returns

The Nekster platform is based on our tested business model of guaranteed payouts of loan interest. These ensure 4-8% yields for Nekster investments, much higher compared to other methods of investing.

Bank deposit interest rates:
0,19 %

Compared to bank deposits, Nekster investments bring much higher yields. Based on the bank data, negative yields on bank deposits cause bank customers’ funds to actually shrink rather than grow.

Average yields for Nekster investments TTM:
6,04 %

The average yields for the listed Nekster investments is 6,04 TTM with average investment maturity of 49 days.

Average yields on bank deposits after 5 years:
2,70 %

Standard bank deposits can’t guarantee any substantial growth of funds for bank customers.

The interest on the initial deposit of EUR 1.000 would grow by EUR 15 worth of interest after three years in a bank account. Taking into consideration all the bank account-related expenses incurred on a monthly basis, the overall growth would be close to zero.

Average yields for Nekster investments after 5 years:
44,01 %

The yields for Nekster investments are based on a tested business model. Regular re-investing and compound interest rate could grow the users’ initial deposit of EUR 1.000 by over EUR 240 after three years – which is significantly more compared to a bank deposit.