Growth in every aspect

As we highly value communication and transparency towards investors, we publish current results and statistics of our work on a regular basis.

The sum of all financed loans

Nekster evolved out of Achilles, a factoring agency that has financed over EUR 130 million worth of factoring loans in over a decade on the market.

The chart below represents a cumulative amount of all the financed loans in EUR since the launch of the Nekster platform (September 2017) to now.

Paid interest

The chart below represents the sum of all paid interest without deducting the costs of insurance and lender, by months since the launch of the Nekster platform (September 2017) to now.

Your estimated long-term gains

The longer you keep investing, the bigger the gains.

The chart below represents your estimated gains for EUR 10.000 of initial investment, by months of investing with an estimated 8% yearly interest rate.

Nekster statistics

The table below lists the data for previous years and for the current year, refreshed every quarter.

The data for the current year is unofficial and informative.